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La Misión


As a creative brand, we are dedicated to using our passion for art to produce pieces and spaces that will not only feed the culture but also inspire others to Think + Create.

-Pedro “FLAKO” Cruz


New Music Video!

“Ella Solo Quiere Fumar”


Creative Services


Photography + Filming

With over a decade of professional experience behind the camera. Specializing in documentary, portraiture and special event photography. As well as, special event coverage and short-documentary film making. (project development, pre/post-production)


Public Speaking + Live Performances

Experience performing and speaking for audiences as large as 1,000+ people. Known for spoken words pieces highlighting love, culture and social change, and speaking on many topics around art advocacy, cultural exploration and creative motivation.


Brand Development + Teaching Artist

Years of experience working with local + nationwide brands to create content and/or develop their brands. Along with multiple years of teaching workshops concentrated on basic/advance photography and visual art exploration.