It Was A Success!

The Villa Victoria Center for the Arts invited me to exhibit my work back in early September of 2015. They gave me two options- February or July of 2016. I went with February. I decided to run with a project that would compliment my upcoming self-published poetry book, Dead Roses. I wanted to visually showcase the beauty in the darkness of love. It turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

photo credit: Vice Verza

I wasted no time finding models and organizing photo sessions. Honestly, that turned out to be the easiest part of this entire experience. There was more to it than I could imagine. Like meetings with the curator to plan the opening ceremony. Emailing back and forth with the marketing team, designing flyers. Discussions with sales experts in regards to pricing the work. Weekly trips to the print shop. More trips to the print shop to fix print errors. Writing and submitting an artist statement. Don't forget this does not include all the actual photography work.

photo credit: Vice Verza

I didn't know what to expect... Would people actually show up? Will it all make sense to them? Did I choose the write print size? Are there enough pieces in the collection? I had a thousand questions and no answers. It all came down to the opening night of the exhibition. All the hard work. All the energy and money invested. It was all going to be worth it. I was sure of it.

photo credit: Vice Verza

photo credit: Dante Luna

Thanks to God it all came together better than I could have ever prayed for. It was a full house. We sipped on wine, listened to Lana Del Rey and talked art.  I even sold a few prints to family and friends. Believe me when I say that I will never forget that night. I remember dreaming of how it would feel to host my work at an art gallery and here I was doing just that. I was humbled by all the people who shared their love for my work. Many took the time to tell me how much I have inspired them. That to me was worth more than gold. Thank you!

If you're in the Boston area swing by 85 West Newton Street during business hours. I hope you enjoy.


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