5 Things I Have To Do This Summer

I always read my blog posts before I press publish. For some reason this time I was satisfied enough. I talked about "Six Flags" and "Kelly's" in Revere. The usual Summer activities for a Bostonian. But I did some deep thinking and decided to change it a bit. Anyways- I want to make sure I enjoy this summer season, which is why I created this list. I figured if I post it online it'll motivate me. Here is what I chose (in no particular order):

1. TRAVEL: Nothing makes me feel more alive than exploring foreign territory with my camera. I definitely want to cross some state lines soon. Let's see where I end up.

2. CREATE: The weather has been amazing in Boston. After the last few Winters we've had, I can't complain. I need to take advantage of the beautiful lighting and create some dope visuals. 

3. FAMILY TIME: There's nothing I love more than spending time with my daughter. Especially after a long road trip or busy work week. She helps me recenter myself, and will always be fuel to my creative flame.

4. HELP SOMEONE: One thing I learned in life is that you have to remain humble. At all times. There will always be someone in a worse position than you. It's important to help those around you (when you can).

5. EXPERIENCE SOMETHING NEW: I enjoy the feeling of trying something new. Whether it's a new type of food or visiting a side of town I've never been too. New experiences bring forth growth.