Blackbird Doughnuts: Taste Review

Last weekend I went for a random Sunday morning walk around the historic South End neighborhood of Boston. It's become a routine for me. I usually end up at a nice brunch spot but this time was a bit different. I decided to walk into Blackbird Doughnut shop since I've heard so much about it. As soon as I walked in I realized why it has been buzzing in the streets. Not only are their flavors amazing, but they also make the treats on site. It's so much fun to watch as you wait in line.

Let me say that these have to be some of the best doughnuts I've eaten in Massachusetts- PERIOD! I'm no pastry expert, but I do have one serious sweet tooth. You have the option of choosing between raised and/or cake doughnuts (different flavors). My favorite is the "cranberry lime" and the "powered sugar stack". Try them both and thank me later. My daughter prefers the "chocolate sprinkle" over any other. I'm sure she has her reasons- I trust her.

Feel free to visit their website and check out all their flavor profiles. IF I'm not mistaken, they are constantly changing their flavors. I promise you you won't regret it (no matter which one you choose). --- More taste reviews coming soon!


Pedro "FLAKO" CruzComment