Laundry Day: When You're Stuck Being An Adult (Photography Project)

It was a Sunday morning. I was laying in bed contemplating whether to do laundry or not. It clearly had to be done- there was clothes coming out of the hamper. But the last thing I felt like doing was a weekend chore. After all, tomorrow was going to be Monday and I had to be an adult again. I honestly sat there and thought of how I could make going to the laundromat more interesting. That's when I decided to do a portrait session in one. So I went to scout the location and I so happen to bring my dirty laundry with me. It worked out after all.

I collaborated with Nalitza for this concept because we have great creative chemistry. I thought about how "killing time" is part of doing laundry and decided to make that the main focus of this particular project. I wanted to capture the calmness/boredom that comes with sitting around and waiting on your clothes to finish. I hope you enjoy the visuals. And next time you have to wake up early and be a grown up, don't forget, you're not the only one suffering.