Father First. Artist Second.

Yasibel 2016

Yasibel 2016

There's certain things in life that change you forever. Becoming a father was one of those things for me. Fatherhood is one of those types of journeys you could never be prepared for, no matter how much you try. But it's a blessing nonetheless.

My youngest daughter turned 6 this past Spring. I look at her at times and almost can not believe she is as grown as she is. I remember her stumbling with the most of basic words. Now she puts together complex sentences like it's not even hard to do. Her understanding amazes me more and more each day. Truth is, she has taught me more than she knows. Maybe more than I have taught her.

I use to live life a little bit reckless. You know... swerving in between cars while riding my bike in traffic. That kind of thing. But having a child changes your perspective on many things. At least for me it did. I started to find myself scared of things I wouldn't even think of before. Maybe because I have someone depending on me now. I can't afford to make a stupid decision anymore. I may be young, wild and free but I am a father before anything else.

There was a time where my only concern was art. What will I create next? What is my next poem going to be about? What should I photograph now? I was constantly creating. But in light of this year's Father's Day and recent tragic events around the world, I wanted to slow down a bit and appreciate all that I have. Despite the amazing work I've done thus far, my greatest creation will always be my daughters. Remember always: father first and artist second.