The Image That Got Me My First Photography Exhibition

Dominican Republic 2013

Dominican Republic 2013

Baseball players dream with hitting a home run on the 9th inning to win the game. Basketball players fantasize with making that 3-point shot to take the lead seconds before the buzzer goes off. Us photographers? Well- we want to see our work up on the walls of an art gallery or published in a magazine (or both!). There's a sense of accomplishment that comes with it. It's truly life changing. Which is why I was inspired to share this story with you all.

During the Summer of 2015 I was invited to submit one of my images for an exhibit at the Villa  Victoria Center for the Arts. The project collaboration between numerous Latino artist from around the world. I so happen to be the only photographer that was chosen. They only had enough space for one more piece but I didn't let that turn me off. They needed one more artist and I needed an opportunity to show my work to foreign eyes. It was a win win situation. 

I recall feeling a bit discouraged the day of the opening. Every artist there had 2-3 pieces to present and I had only this one image. Little did I know this one image was going to change my career before the end of the night. During the event I was having a conversation with he curator. He was impressed with my work and was curious to see what else I had. After a few emails and meetings, I was blessed with the opportunity to exhibit my work during the month of February 2016. This turned into the Dead Roses project. 

Let these words be the reason you stand confidently next to your work. Push yourself in all that you do and trust that your work will be noticed when the time is right. Sometimes the Universe sends you blessings in disguise. Do everything you do with love and everything else will fall into place.



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