3 Photography Projects To Help Spark Your Creativity

I recently added The Photographer's Playbook to my book collection. It has 307 assignments and ideas for photographers of all skill levels. I know sometimes we all need something to spark our creativity so I wanted to share these projects with you all. Have fun!

Bad 'Ting (2016)

Bad 'Ting (2016)

1. Important People: Ask yourself who is really important to you and photograph that person. Ask that person to me two people who are really important to them, and photograph these people too. (Sebastian Hau)

2. Traveler: Pick a pedestrian and follow them. Don't photograph them. JJust go where they take you and photograph along the way. Consider yourself a passenger and make the most out of where you are taken. When you lose them, follow someone new. Repeat. (Gus Powell)

3. Flirtation: Photograph several people who you would like to sleep with, but who do not know you want to sleep with them. (Nicholas Nixon)

The best way to master something is to step outside of your comfort zone and push your creativity.