Classes During the Day & BMX Bike Stunts at Night

Samuel (Student at Wentworth)

"The best pictures are always those you don't plan."

I either heard that quote somewhere or just made it up, but it's true. Personally, I get a natural high from coming across a picture. There is something about capturing a spontaneous moment that can not be put into words, only felt.

Just the other night, on my way home, I came across a few college students doing tricks on BMX bikes (gotta' love the city). I had just finished up a project with fellow artist, Dante Luna, when we spotted them mid-air as we turned into a street. Of course, we stopped to mingle.

Shane (Student at Wentworth)

I spent about half-an-hour with them before security nicely asked them to leave the premises, due to liability purposes (completely understandable). After exchanging contacts we agreed to meet up soon, to photograph another of their "night time strolls". Which I'm looking forward to doing.

Shane (Student at Wentworth)