Forward With Felix Arroyo (The People's Mayor)

Felix Arroyo alongside his team & supporters.
Being born and raised in the city of Boston has been an amazing experience for me, to say the least. I've spent the last 10+ years of my young life living in the Historical South End. More specific, the Villa Victoria. A neighborhood that was formed in the late 1960s by Puerto Rican activists, who stood up against private companies who aimed to gain control over their urban development. After years of protest they were successful, and turned what was known as Parcel 19 into a healthy community for low-income families.
Growing up I've heard this story plenty of times but it continues to be an inspiration for me. Not only has Boston taught me to be strong, but the history in my neighborhood has taught me to unite and fight for what I believe in. Which is why today I come to you, not as a blogger but a person. Change can only come when those who desire it take action. 
If you're a Boston citizen, I hope you will be voting this month for our next possible Mayor. Although all the candidates have the best interests of our city in mind, I can promise you that Felix Arroyo is "The People's Mayor". I've been documenting his mayoral campaign since June (here and there). Today I met him and his team at Forest Hills Station, as he greeted people on their morning commute.
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