Kicks "N" Kush Hits Newbury Street

Newbury Street is best known to us Bostonians as a shopping haven. Most (if not all) stores cater to those individuals with an expensive taste for clothes, food & life itself. Although there are many options to choose from, it was lacking a clothing store with an urban vibe. One Off Apparel changed that on September 27th (2013) when it opened it's doors to the public; attracting over 100 visitors in the first few hours. They chose to unite forces with Kush Groove Clothing Company and hosted the first of three "Pop-Up Shop" events scheduled to tour numerous stores around the area. Each event will feature a special performance & exclusive clothes inspired by the urban city lifestyle.

Mikey, CEO of Kush Groove (Left) & Jeffrey, CEO of One Off Apparel (Right)
People from all different walks of life made their way into the store. Browsing through racks of T-Shirts and hats, as they enjoyed the live music in the background.

The store offers screen printing services for all those interested in creating your own T-Shirt design. You can literally walk in with a digital image and have it printed on a shirt in less then an hour.

Next time you find yourself on Newbury Street make sure to stop by it's newest store and get yourself some new gear. Also, make sure to check out one of the next two Kicks "N" Kush events coming up.