He Pulled His Eye Out For a Dollar

I never know what to expect when I take my camera for a walk around Down Town Boston. Of course there are days where I just don't find anything, but most days are worth blogging about.

A homeless man who was sleeping on Cambridge street caught my attention. Before I could take a picture I was approached by who I will refer to as "One Eye Jack". He politely questioned my intentions. I introduced myself and explained what I do. We quickly sparked up a general conversation before he randomly pulled his eye out. YUP! Just like that. My first instinct was to photograph the situation; although my mind was still processing what my eyes just saw. He made it clear that it was going to cost me. I honestly only had a single dollar bill in my pocket, so that's what he took. We all know this picture is worth more then that.

These are people we pass by everyday. It makes me realize we should never underestimate anyone's story. I've learned, as a photographer, sometimes is just best to flow with the wind. The pictures I obtain unexpectedly usually end up being my favorite.

Honestly... what better story to tell then the one about the man who pulled his eye out for a dollar?