When I Was Blind (Spoken Word)

Back when I was blind I didn't mind all the confusion. 
I was blind to the fact that I was living an illusion.
During school I focused in almost all my classes, 
And believed almost everything I saw through my glasses. 
History class? My favorite! It became a memory game. 
Remember the date of the War, the name and who was to blame. 
I would sleep with no worries and dreamed of being famous. 
Of course that was before I even knew what fame is. 
I looked forward to the future and use to plan all my days out. 
Now I just live for the moment and see how it all just plays out.

Back when I was blind I believed in our President. 
Called myself an American and even felt like a resident. 
I was proud of our Military System 'cause I grew up cold hearted. 
Now I'm just shocked at all the Wars we started. 
If you would have asked me back then, I would've said I'm Puerto Rican. 
As far as my native tongue? It was the Spanish I was speaking. 
But then I read a few books and began to realize,
that throughout my whole life I been living real lies.

My people were conquered by the Spaniards despite our bravery. 
600 years later and we still living up slavery. 
The French did the same thing to the Haitians. 
So did England and Portugal with every other nation. 
We adopted their language, culture and everything else with it. 
Now we so brain washed we won't even admit it. 
The truth? I spit it, but they still don't see it 'cause they really aint looking.
Meanwhile, I'm overwhelmed with the smell of what the Government is cooking. 
It's really kinda obvious; it doesn't take a scientist. 
It barely took a spark just to spark up my interest.

Back when I was blind I did not respect the Most High. 
Just chilled in ciphers, trying to be the most high. 
I watched T.V. all day; no work, all play. 
It’s a Yes for Bob & No way for Jose. 
But I'm grateful for the truth, which I learned little by little. 
Born dumb but I'll die smart 'cause I was found somewhere in the middle. 
So from here on I'll bow down with my head towards Earth, 
and pray only to he who knew me before birth.