Graffiti Jungle: Bartlett Yard

There's always that one place you always see and walk by but never visit or enter. Bartlett Yard is that place for me. Growing up in the South End/Lower Roxbury area of Boston, I always remember the "empty bus garage covered in graffiti". I recently read an article that was discussing the recent purchase of this lot and the future plans for it. I thought I should document it at it's current state before it becomes history.

Something about this image (directly above) captured my eye. I don't know if it was the dead vegetation across from a church or what it was. But I saw something. What do you see?

These "sneakers" are made up from recycled tires, branches, leather and fire hoses. It turned out to be one of my favorite. I didn't capture a good image but the inside was detailed. It was truly a masterpiece.

My friends and I found our way into an abandoned building on the premises. It had clear signs of recent visits by artist but it happened to be empty when we entered. There was paint and other supplies spread across the large room.

This has to be the biggest cockroach I ever seen in my life. I wasn't scared but then again... it's only made of paint.

If you find yourself in the Boston, MA area anytime soon and have nothing to do, pay Bartlett Yard a visit. It is sure to inspire you in more ways then one. Each work of art began as an idea in the mind of a local artist. That is enough reason to go and scout the local open air art gallery.