Experimenting with Phone Photography

With the growth of technology, cameras and phones have been changing as quick as the seasons do. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a "Canon type of guy". Due to image quality and trouble processing (editing) images, I never was a big fan of phone photography. But a trip to florida and some minor adjustments changed all that.

My brother, who is also a photographer, told me about SnapSeed. It's a popular app amongst phone photographers, used to process cellphone images the same way you will with photoshop and DSLR images. This simple app makes all the difference. I have a Galaxy S4. The camera quality is amazing but the images still require minor touch-ups for me to be fully satisfied with my work.

I use to carry my DSLR around with me as much as I could, but at times it would be uncomfortable. Being able to produce high quality work from my phone allows me to use my phone when using my DSLR would be a challenge. For example, during travels or during a regular city walk after work.

To my amazement there are plenty of support groups that encourage this style of photography. Most are popular on social media networks such as Instagram and TUMBLR. Some even meet throughout the city and go for walks together, sharing pictures. I thought this was pretty awesome!

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Ever wanted to venture off into the world of photography but digital cameras scare you? That's fine! All you need is a smart phone. Have fun! I will be sharing more of my phone photography work and also will be giving tips on how to enhance your own photos. Feel free to contact me and reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.