My Week of "Pasillos Pintados 2014"

Every year The Hurley School celebrates Pasillos Pintados. It's a week in which they invite about 20 Latino Artist from the City of Boston area to host a week long event involving all kinds of art forms. The Artist gets a class assigned to them and has one week to create/produce a project with the students. The students will then showcase their work in front of the school and community at the end of the week. I was chosen to work with the 9th grade class. My mission was use my poetry, visual art & photography/filming skills to have each individual express themselves. I was beyond excited!

Our project was named "YO SOY, I AM". I had the students create works of art that would showcase who they are as individuals. I wanted to allow them the chance to use their voice without a filter. Some write poems, some drew and others used my camera to document the experience.

At the end of the week, the school created a gallery in the hallway. Being able to see their work hanged up was a cool feeling. Some even performed their poems on stage. The experience in itself was amazing. I learned a lot as am artist and as a person. I showed them a little about art. They showed me a little about life. That's how it went.

When it was all said and done, I made some new young friends. I took a few aside and asked them a few questions regarding the project. The video below is a look behind the scenes, enjoy!