My Moment with the King (RIP Bee)

Ever since I picked up my camera and started chasing my dreams, I've met all kinds of people. Famous and poor. Black and white. But there is always certain spirits that you only have to meet once for them to change your life. King Bee was one of those spirits. 

I met Bee as a martial artist first and a tattoo artist second. He was the artist behind my friend's sleeve. I heard countless stories of him before I had the privilege of meeting him in person. I remember his energy was strong. You could feel Bee across the room. His spirituality was deep. As we spoke he would drop wisdom in a smooth manner. So smooth, that if you wasn't paying attention you would miss it.

These types of post always get to me. They always remind me that after we die, we live on in our photos. Pictures are literally memories frozen in time. As I wrap up this post, I sit back looking at these moments I shared with Bee. It was his last session with my good friend Dante. On that note I say, long live the King! 

R.I.P. Bee