Blizzard of 2015 - Boston

It finally has arrived. The blizzard everyone in Boston has been talking up a storm about. I wouldn't be a photographer if weather scared me that easy. So as soon as it slowed down a bit, I grabbed my camera and put on my snow boots. I took about a two hour walk around the city before I decided to call it quits. Here is what I saw. Enjoy & share!

My neighbors were shoveling their cars out.

 City workers clearing up the main streets.


She was about 9+ hours in when I came across her.

It was refreshing to realize I wasn't the only out for a walk.

It was fun seeing so many people enjoying the day.

Climbing the snow mountains was the obvious cool thing to do.

Why not?

I was waiting to see someone shovel their bike out of the snow, but no one came.