Ex-Vietnam War Nurse, Homeless in America

It was a nice day outside. Most people would consider it cold but for us Bostonians, it was warm (high 40s). I had just wrapped up a photo session with one of my clients when I decided to take a stroll around the city. I barely walked two blocks up State Street before I came across Kathleen. Her eyes spoke to me before her lips could even shed a word. I quickly got comfortable on the sidewalk & began talking with her. Listening to her every word. She has to be one of the kindest souls I've ever had the privilege of crossing paths with.

She told me she was 62 years old & that I'm the same age as her son. I smiled when she said, "you're just a baby with a camera". She shared with me stories of when she served in the final years of the Vietnam War. At this point she showed me an injury she suffered while in service (image above). She almost lost her right leg due to an explosion. Although she was lucky enough to save it, she still suffers minor complications while walking.

We spoke a lot about Florida. My parents live there & she loves the hot climate. She made it a point that she is in the process of hitchhiking her way down South. I could hear the conviction behind her words. According to Kathleen, the only thing holding her back was not being able to find a man with guts to tag along with her. Before I left she guaranteed me she will make it one way or another. She even promised to look up my site when she arrives (Hi Kathleen!). I wished her a safe journey & gave her some money to help her out at the moment.


If you see her, lend her a hand & put it on my tab. Don't forget that sometimes the softest souls live in the shadows. Blessings!