Why I Prefer To Walk Everywhere

photo credit: Dante Luna

I was born & raised in Boston, MA. This means I am a city boy by nature. Ever since my freshman year in high school, I have been subway surfing & bus jumping. There's a science behind getting around the city but that isn't what this post is about. Whenever I meet people new to the city life or from another state, they're always surprised I don't have a car. I get it; I'm 27 & usually people my age own one by this point in their lives but nope, not me. Why? I'm getting to that.

Truthfully there are so many reasons but I won't get all psychological with it.

When I started exploring photography, I would go for long walks around the city, just searching for new things to capture. This quickly grew into habit. Now, I do it religiously. At least 2-3 times a week I'll go for a walk with my camera. At times I just wander around with no destination in mind. Those tend to be the best walks of all. I get naturally high off the sensation of exploration. Around every corner there is a street I haven't walked or a view I have yet to experience. I always walk with ease. Taking in all that surrounds me. Looking up, down, left, right, back & front. It's what we observers do.

photo credit: Dante Luna

I remember a conversation that I shared with a good friend of mine who, unlike me, drives everywhere. We were discussing a specific location we both happen to pass a lot when I brought up a cool graffiti piece I thought he might appreciate. He had been completely oblivious to it. I'll never forget his next words, "You walkers get to enjoy the details us drivers miss." At that very moment I realized the gift that walking everywhere has been to me. 

Nothing seems to clear my mind or recharge my energy the way a peaceful walk around the city does, especially at night. It's more or less my me time. I get lost in my thoughts & have come up with some of my best ideas. I analyze my current situation & plot my next few moves. I have met some amazing people along the way. Something about being on the move alone calms my spirit down. All becomes clear to me. I return home with a fresh mind, ready to take on any and all obstacles that may present themselves.

photo credit: Dante Luna

Don't get me wrong, cars are very useful & needed in some cases. But there is a certain beauty in the simplicity of a walk. Don't be afraid to just pack a bag of lunch & purposely get lost around town one day. Think about a street you always drive on but never walk, then go & walk it. Take your time & see your world from a different angle and who knows what you might discover. Feel free to share with me what you run into. I'm curious to hear from you all.