5 Tips To Become a Better Photographer

I was teaching a friend of mine a few things about photography. You know- the basic. She urged me to share some tips on my blog. I figured it'll help someone. I hope this article is helpful next time you pick up your camera.

1. Know Your Equipment

As silly as this may sound, you have to become one with your camera & accessories. Get to know everything there is to know. How well does your camera work in low light? How long is your battery life? What's special about your lens? Does your flash stall in between shots? (etc.) Getting to know your equipment on this level will allow you to adapt to any situation while working in the field. Not every camera works the same. The more you use yours, the more you'll learn about it. 

2. Be Observant & Anticipate

One of the secrets to being a good photographer is being observant. You can't photograph what you don't see. Look up, down, left, right, front & back. There's always something happening. That's why it's important to anticipate. This might not apply for certain shoots, but it does make a difference during weddings & sporting events. It's important to know the direction the subject is moving in order to stay ahead of them & anticipate a perfect shot.

3. Be Friendly

I'll never forget reading an article that explained how in some countries, pointing a camera at someone is as hostile as pointing a gun. That gave me a brand new perspective on approaching individuals in the street while photographing. I've come to learn that people are more willing to take a picture after you've shared words with them. The smallest conversation can help them feel comfortable once you begin to shoot. This has also blessed me with the opportunity of hearing some amazing stories.

4. Study + Research

This has to be one of my favorite tips. Let's keep it simple: STUDY + RESEARCH. If you're traveling somewhere, do research on the place. What makes it different? Any special or historical locations in the area? If your couple, get to know them. What do they like? Where did they meet? Having extra information about your subject with help you capture images that tell a story. 

5. Patience is a Virtue

Henri Cartier-Bresson is considered to be the Father of street photography. Studying his work has taught me plenty, but overall I have learned to be patient. He would sit in one location for hours waiting for what he called The Decisive Moment. Learning to be patient is key for those who desire to specialize in street & documentary photography.

Please comment below & share your opinion. Blessings!