Q&A with Brujo Live

I first crossed paths with Brujo Live many years ago. He's always been a talented lyricist in the Boston area. His music is heard nationwide & in Latin countries throughout the world. We've been able to build a friendship throughout the last few years. Recently, after a photography session, I decided to ask him a few questions.

Q. Why is it important to inspire others to think?
A. The motive is to trigger inspiration. If you can inspire, you can motivate. Making people think is the key to countless possibilities. They say two heads are better than one, so imagine a world where we all don't think alike but we all think together! Sharing ideas can be very powerful and lead to endless inspiration. 

Q. What inspires you to create music?
A. Energy is what drives me- I feel alive when I sense it. Energy is everything to me. Bad energy can inspire me to write about depression or stressful moments. Good energy can become the reason I write a club song or about a woman I like.

Q. Think back to when you first started writing music- what is different about you today?
A. I was more concerned with putting music out, instead of taking the proper procedures to ensuring that everything was fully ready. Now.. I focus on quality and all the copyrights. I make sure the song is completely registered before enjoying the promotion process. Aside from all that, I matured and feel as if my lyrics did also. Not to say I still don't like competition.. (giggled)

Q. What should your listeners expect from you this upcoming Fall & Winter?
A. Expect the unexpected. I have many surprises for my followers and as most of them know, they are the key to any success I've ever had. I will say I have a lot more music and been focusing more on perfecting my lyrics. I only want to give my fans the best. They deserve it.