DEAD ROSES x Coming 2016

I first took to poetry in high school. It started off as a class assignment & quickly grew into one of my favorite forms of expression. A little less than a year ago I started sharing my pieces on my social media accounts. It didn't take long for me to see how much people enjoy reading them. Since then people have been asking me to publish my work. Which led to me wanting to create something amazing. It is with great joy that I announce the coming of Dead Roses. It'll be a compilation of short poetry pieces. This work of art will revolve around my all time favorite emotion: LOVE. There's a dark rawness to love that I want to highlight. Which is why I chose the title to be what it is. Roses are a universal symbol for love; but even roses die & change color with time. This does not mean that they seize to be beautiful. It just means we must accept the changes that have been brought forth with time. Which is an amazing experience in itself.

I will be sharing more details with you all as they come clear to me. I am currently working day & night with an incredible team trying to make this a reality for us all. We are certain that we will be launching the publication in the first quarter of the year 2016. Other details are being finalized as I type this post. Once again, thanks for your constant support.

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