I Promised to Share His 'Scar' with the World

Every time I walk around the city with my camera I meet new people. Some old, some young. Some rich, some poor. I have a gift of getting stories out of people. This past weekend was no different.

I was in the middle of a session with a model, for my Dead Roses project, when Junior approached me. He asked questions about my camera & what exactly I was doing in Chinatown. I shared some of my pictures with him & got to talking. We happen to be from the same neighborhood in Boston & even shared common friends.

Midway through our conversation, he shared his scar with me. Pointing out why he isn't worthy of a picture. I told him that every scar we carry comes with a story. That's when he told me about his fight with cancer & how he survived it. He said I can take a picture of his scar but with two conditions: I can't show his face & I have to share it with the world. Of course I agreed.