A 'Thank You' From Me, The Blog Founder, To You, The Reader.

What began as a form of personal creative therapy, has grown into a brand of creativity. When I started this blog I did not expect it to take me as far as it has. I can only imagine what the future has in store for me. Considering all the attention my work has been receiving recently, I figured it was the perfect time to slow down & THANK YOU all for the constant support.

I was shy growing up. Always did more observing than talking. I was the kid that wouldn't raise his hand even though he knew the answer. An introvert, I guess. As soon as I started putting my work out there I realized I had to step out of my comfort zone. That's when I created my alter ego- Mr. FlakoVeli. He is everything I was not. Brave, outspoken & willing to do anything to get the job done. It was almost like putting on a cape & battling my archenemy, fear. It's easy to get lost in the seriousness of life. I've been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love. I'm consciously aware that I'm in a position to inspire others, and that's exactly what I want to do. I just want my images, my words & my life to inspire people to Think & Create. You have to find something you love to do & turn it into a business.

Let me be the first to say that this blog or brand would be invisible if it wasn't for all the viewers & supporters. I've been humbled by the love my work has attracted this past few months. I have big plans for this upcoming year. I ask that you all continue to follow my journey to the top of this creative mountain, as I overcome daily obstacles & grow as an individual in the process. Thank you, thank you & thank you.