Jay-Z's Album Release Party

Boston (2017)

One thing I learned throughout my years of being a photographer is that you always have to be ready to shoot. You never know when you're going to need your camera. For example, I received a text this morning in regards to Jay-Z's album release party in a local Sprint store. The catch was that it was at midnight and I was going to have to email the pictures overnight. I usually stay away from projects that come up last minute but who can say no to an exclusive event? Especially when you grew up listening to Jay. Nights like this give me life.

I won't get too technical with the breakdown of the new album. I'm fully aware that we all have our own taste in music. But I will say this, in my own opinion, this is a classic! What I enjoyed most about it is that he gets personal on this album. It wasn't just Jay the rapper. It's Jay the husband. Jay the father. Jay the friend. Jay the brother. Feel me? He dedicates an entire track to respond to Beyonce's Lemonade. He also addresses his little brother Kanye on another track. He touches on topics like gentrification, turf wars and black on black crime. I waited my entire life to witness the release of a classic album and last night, that dream came true. 

Have you heard it yet? If so, share your thoughts with me on the comments below.