Love Like You Never Been Hurt Before

Boston 2016

Boston 2016

Remember when you were a teenager and found love for the first time? Remember how magical it felt? As if you've discovered something you've only read about in books.

Remember how deep you use to love? Before you ever tasted the pain that comes with a broken promise. Before you've felt the coldness of a lonely night.

Remember that feeling you got in your bones while writing a love letter during science class? The way your mind use to marry words and give birth to phrases that would melt any young heart? Remember that?

I know it's easy to become cold after your heart has been played like an instrument. I know it's easy to remain in your comfort zone and not risk losing another piece of yourself to the wrong person. After all, how many pieces can we afford to lose before losing ourselves?

But the truth is that everything worth fighting for is on the other side of fear. Every experience, whether good or bad, is an opportunity for us to learn and grow as an individual. Start by learning to love yourself before you ever commit to someone else. Self-love is key!

Think about it: who knows you more than you? Make time to take yourself out to eat at your favorite local spot. Spend a day doing something you are passionate about or something you always wanted to do. Go to the mall and buy yourself a gift. This is important because how could you ever love someone else if you can't even love yourself?

Once you get into the habit of spoiling yourself with love, anyone that comes into your life has to meet those same standards. They must love you as much as you love yourself (and vise versa). Get it? 

With that said, I just want to ask who ever takes the time to read these words to not only be brave enough to love again, but to love like you never been hurt before.


Pedro "FLAKO" CruzComment