MIWAY: A Guy's Night Out



A Guy's Night Out

If you've been following my blog long enough, you might remember reading about my friend Miway. He turned his passion for entertainment into a career by becoming one of the biggest faces in Boston's nightlife scene, before taking his talent to Miami. He always has me tag along when he's in town for business. This past weekend was no different. I must admit, It's always an adventure working with him, and I'm sure after this post you'll understand why I say that. It's amazing watching him work. A regular workday for Miway is what I would describe as a perfect guy's (or girl's) night out. 

Bastille in Boston

Bastille in Boston

He asked me to meet him at Bastille in Boston, where he would be having a business meeting before heading out for the night. I enjoyed a few beers while he talked ideas with the guys. The appetizers were great by the way! 

Next, we ended up at D'Wenys in Lawrence, MA. We were greeted with a table and beers on ice. What more could you ask for? Miway killed some time playing pool with the fellas while I floated around taking pictures. It was a nice lowkey spot- perfect for a weekday hangout.

We ended the night at Elixir Lounge in Methuen, MA. We walked in a little after midnight. Dj Sisko announced Miway's arrival as we made our way through the crowd towards the DJ booth. People screamed and rushed to take pictures with Boston's #1 partyboy. Once Miway grabbed the mic, it was easy to see why so many people love him. He had the crowd going all night! Don't believe me? Take a second a enjoy the pictures below.


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