A Few Pictures and Words to Express How I Feel #RickyRenuncia

If you’ve been following the news recently, I am sure (hopefully!) you have at least heard of everything happening in Puerto Rico. In summary: demonstrators have been protesting in extreme large numbers and demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo A. Rosselló after two scandals swept the island by storm (pun intended).

Scandal #1: leak of Telegram app messages in which Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and his inner circle make light of the casualties caused by Hurricane Maria and disparage political opponents using vulgar, homophobic, and sexist language.

Scandal #2: The FBI arrested two former top officials in Rosselló’s government as part of a corruption probe over their handling of $15.5 million in contracts. The officials, former Education Secretary Julia Keleher and Ángela Ávila-Marrero (former chief of Puerto Rico’s Health Insurance Administration), are accused of funneling the contracts to businesses they had personal ties to, regardless of those companies’ relevant experience or ability.

As an Artist, I feel a moral obligation to create art that represents the times I am living in. In response to what is happening back at home I decided to look through my catalog and put together 2-3 images that would represent how I feel at this moment.

Old San Juan, PR 2017

Single-starred black and white flag: “It’s not mourning, is resistance”.

San Juan, PR 2017

A mural I came across while exploring the streets of San Juan, PR in June of 2017.

Trujillo Alto, PR 2017

My little cousin preparing a “taco flavored” MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat) a few weeks after Hurricane Maria devoted the island in September of 2017. (Read/see more on this image)

Old San Juan, PR 2017

Carlos Rodriguez playing classic Puerto Rican folk music for tourist and locals. (Read/see more on this image)