Starting the Year Off With Music!

directed & edited by Dante Luna / filmed by Dante Luna & MidiOnTheBEAT / production assistants Donnell Haynes & Luis Martinez / assistant editors Joseph Rivers & Gaila Marie

I wrote my first song at the age of 14. This was after my best friend, Carlito, persuaded me to do so because he wanted us to perform at the local community festival. That sparked my love for music as an artist. Ever since then I have dedicated countless nights towards perfecting my craft. It has become another tool for me to express my creativity.

Once I started becoming busy with photography, I decided to focus my energy more on creating visuals versus making music. Even then, I never stopped writing music. I recently found myself in a stage in my creative career where I felt I was ready to take my creativity a bit further. Hence why I decided to start this year off with a music video.

I plan to create and release music throughout this year. I encourage you all to follow me o YouTube and/or come back and check out the Music section to stay updated. Enjoy!


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