Amazing Art Carved on Real Human Skulls

I've attended & worked at about seven comic conventions thus far. Each one has been an experience of it's own. After the first few I've learned that you never know exactly what to expect at these events. But during my second time in Philadelphia, I came across Zane Wylie. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment.

Yes, you are looking at real Human skulls that have been carved into works of art. Zane is a respected Master Skull Carver. We shared an interesting conversation. I couldn't help but ask him 1,000 questions. In case you're wondering, this is a perfectly legal. He purchases the skulls from archeologists or businesses that sell to medical schools. His work was featured on the TV series Constantine.

He does have them for sale on his website. You also have the option of purchasing a replica, if owning a real Human skull bothers you a bit. Which is understandable. I find his work to be amazing & extremely creative. Talk about Think & Create.

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Original Woman: Out of Africa

We all come across many teachers as we walk further down the path of life. I enjoy calling them spiritual elders. Each one carries with them a bag of jewels (knowledge). One of my closest elders has referred to black females as Original Women for as long as I've known him. It's because of his belief that all humans come from Africa. This is known as the "Out of Africa" theory (OOA). The many interesting conversations we have shared inspired this particular project. Enjoy.

Model: Rayne O'Reilly

Words From Another World

If you follow me on social networks, I'm sure you've been seeing these "quotes" being shared around. Many have been asking me if they are mines, and where do I get them from? Well... Yes, they are mines and they come from my mind. That's the simple truth. I'm inspired by life and all that goes on around me. As an artist, I keep my eyes and ears open. Always searching for inspiration. I've shared a lot of myself through my photography and art projects. But there is more to me than meets the eye. Growing up, I constantly used the pen to express my feelings and views. Whether it was by creating an illustrations or poems. Add me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with my creations. Feel free to share my work on your accounts.

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My Week of "Pasillos Pintados 2014"

Every year The Hurley School celebrates Pasillos Pintados. It's a week in which they invite about 20 Latino Artist from the City of Boston area to host a week long event involving all kinds of art forms. The Artist gets a class assigned to them and has one week to create/produce a project with the students. The students will then showcase their work in front of the school and community at the end of the week. I was chosen to work with the 9th grade class. My mission was use my poetry, visual art & photography/filming skills to have each individual express themselves. I was beyond excited!

Our project was named "YO SOY, I AM". I had the students create works of art that would showcase who they are as individuals. I wanted to allow them the chance to use their voice without a filter. Some write poems, some drew and others used my camera to document the experience.

At the end of the week, the school created a gallery in the hallway. Being able to see their work hanged up was a cool feeling. Some even performed their poems on stage. The experience in itself was amazing. I learned a lot as am artist and as a person. I showed them a little about art. They showed me a little about life. That's how it went.

When it was all said and done, I made some new young friends. I took a few aside and asked them a few questions regarding the project. The video below is a look behind the scenes, enjoy!

Pictures in Motion: Little Isabella

Pictures in Motion is a project I started experimenting with a few months back. I wanted to create somewhat of a picture movie or a slideshow with a twist. I used the "burst mode" on my DSLR to capture the movement of Little Isabella in numerous shots. I layer them out in a perfect sequence to bring my images to life.

By the way, I had a blast working with "Little Isabella"!

Graffiti Jungle: Bartlett Yard

There's always that one place you always see and walk by but never visit or enter. Bartlett Yard is that place for me. Growing up in the South End/Lower Roxbury area of Boston, I always remember the "empty bus garage covered in graffiti". I recently read an article that was discussing the recent purchase of this lot and the future plans for it. I thought I should document it at it's current state before it becomes history.

Something about this image (directly above) captured my eye. I don't know if it was the dead vegetation across from a church or what it was. But I saw something. What do you see?

These "sneakers" are made up from recycled tires, branches, leather and fire hoses. It turned out to be one of my favorite. I didn't capture a good image but the inside was detailed. It was truly a masterpiece.

My friends and I found our way into an abandoned building on the premises. It had clear signs of recent visits by artist but it happened to be empty when we entered. There was paint and other supplies spread across the large room.

This has to be the biggest cockroach I ever seen in my life. I wasn't scared but then again... it's only made of paint.

If you find yourself in the Boston, MA area anytime soon and have nothing to do, pay Bartlett Yard a visit. It is sure to inspire you in more ways then one. Each work of art began as an idea in the mind of a local artist. That is enough reason to go and scout the local open air art gallery.

When I Was Blind (Spoken Word)

Back when I was blind I didn't mind all the confusion. 
I was blind to the fact that I was living an illusion.
During school I focused in almost all my classes, 
And believed almost everything I saw through my glasses. 
History class? My favorite! It became a memory game. 
Remember the date of the War, the name and who was to blame. 
I would sleep with no worries and dreamed of being famous. 
Of course that was before I even knew what fame is. 
I looked forward to the future and use to plan all my days out. 
Now I just live for the moment and see how it all just plays out.

Back when I was blind I believed in our President. 
Called myself an American and even felt like a resident. 
I was proud of our Military System 'cause I grew up cold hearted. 
Now I'm just shocked at all the Wars we started. 
If you would have asked me back then, I would've said I'm Puerto Rican. 
As far as my native tongue? It was the Spanish I was speaking. 
But then I read a few books and began to realize,
that throughout my whole life I been living real lies.

My people were conquered by the Spaniards despite our bravery. 
600 years later and we still living up slavery. 
The French did the same thing to the Haitians. 
So did England and Portugal with every other nation. 
We adopted their language, culture and everything else with it. 
Now we so brain washed we won't even admit it. 
The truth? I spit it, but they still don't see it 'cause they really aint looking.
Meanwhile, I'm overwhelmed with the smell of what the Government is cooking. 
It's really kinda obvious; it doesn't take a scientist. 
It barely took a spark just to spark up my interest.

Back when I was blind I did not respect the Most High. 
Just chilled in ciphers, trying to be the most high. 
I watched T.V. all day; no work, all play. 
It’s a Yes for Bob & No way for Jose. 
But I'm grateful for the truth, which I learned little by little. 
Born dumb but I'll die smart 'cause I was found somewhere in the middle. 
So from here on I'll bow down with my head towards Earth, 
and pray only to he who knew me before birth.

Create Your Own Collage (using PicMonkey)

The one thing I enjoy as much as capturing the images, is editing them! It's the moment when I get to dive into my pool of creativity.

This past weekend, the weather was awesome! I brought my camera along for a day of swimming, screaming and laughing, as my family and I celebrated my uncle's birthday. I took over 800+ pictures total, but I got my best shots pool-side. 

I been using for a while now, to edit my photos before I publish them online. This FREE online program allows you to adjust the exposure, colors, shadows & more! It also allows you to create collages, which is what I decided to do.

I  used the Burst Mode feature to capture these images!

I used different effects to give each collage it's own look!

Create your own now!