My First Official Photography Exhibition!

I been starring at my computer for almost an hour, not sure how to start this post. It's almost unbelievable that I'm even writing this. When I started this blog 2-3 years ago, it was for my own personal enjoyment. I needed a place where I could express myself artistically with images and words. Never did I imagine it would lead to me hosting my very own photography exhibit. I owe it all to every single person out there that pushed me forward and always reminded me how much my work meant to them.

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My Conversation with an Uber Driver

I don't do much driving, so I tend to use public transportation a lot. Everything from trains to taxis. Meeting new people has become somewhat of a routine for me. I'm always fishing for a good story. Which is why i enjoy photographing people so much. I've learned that we all want to tell our story to someone. So I recently struck up a conversation with an Uber driver that I felt the need to share with you all.

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RIP - I Met Her On A Photography Journey

A few years a go I had the privilege of traveling to San Pedro de Macoris (Dominican Republic) for a week. I was there to attend my aunt's wedding but of course I had to turn it into my own little photography project. On my third day there I came across this amazing soul. She was so humble & loving. I was informed recently that she has passed away and is no longer with us. I wanted to end this year by honoring her in this post. Moments like these remind me why it's so important for me to capture the people around me. We just never know when our last day is at hand. Blessings to all!


A 'Thank You' From Me, The Blog Founder, To You, The Reader.

What began as a form of personal creative therapy, has grown into a brand of creativity. When I started this blog I did not expect it to take me as far as it has. I can only imagine what the future has in store for me. Considering all the attention my work has been receiving recently, I figured it was the perfect time to slow down & THANK YOU all for the constant support.

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I Promised to Share His 'Scar' with the World

Every time I walk around the city with my camera I meet new people. Some old, some young. Some rich, some poor. I have a gift of getting stories out of people. This past weekend was no different.

I was in the middle of a session with a model, for my Dead Roses project, when Junior approached me. He asked questions about my camera & what exactly I was doing in Chinatown. I shared some of my pictures with him & got to talking. We happen to be from the same neighborhood in Boston & even shared common friends.

Midway through our conversation, he shared his scar with me. Pointing out why he isn't worthy of a picture. I told him that every scar we carry comes with a story. That's when he told me about his fight with cancer & how he survived it. He said I can take a picture of his scar but with two conditions: I can't show his face & I have to share it with the world. Of course I agreed.


5 Tips To Become a Better Photographer

I was teaching a friend of mine a few things about photography. You know- the basic. She urged me to share some tips on my blog. I figured it'll help someone. I hope this article is helpful next time you pick up your camera.

1. Know Your Equipment

As silly as this may sound, you have to become one with your camera & accessories. Get to know everything there is to know. How well does your camera work in low light? How long is your battery life? What's special about your lens? Does your flash stall in between shots? (etc.) Getting to know your equipment on this level will allow you to adapt to any situation while working in the field. Not every camera works the same. The more you use yours, the more you'll learn about it. 

2. Be Observant & Anticipate

One of the secrets to being a good photographer is being observant. You can't photograph what you don't see. Look up, down, left, right, front & back. There's always something happening. That's why it's important to anticipate. This might not apply for certain shoots, but it does make a difference during weddings & sporting events. It's important to know the direction the subject is moving in order to stay ahead of them & anticipate a perfect shot.

3. Be Friendly

I'll never forget reading an article that explained how in some countries, pointing a camera at someone is as hostile as pointing a gun. That gave me a brand new perspective on approaching individuals in the street while photographing. I've come to learn that people are more willing to take a picture after you've shared words with them. The smallest conversation can help them feel comfortable once you begin to shoot. This has also blessed me with the opportunity of hearing some amazing stories.

4. Study + Research

This has to be one of my favorite tips. Let's keep it simple: STUDY + RESEARCH. If you're traveling somewhere, do research on the place. What makes it different? Any special or historical locations in the area? If your couple, get to know them. What do they like? Where did they meet? Having extra information about your subject with help you capture images that tell a story. 

5. Patience is a Virtue

Henri Cartier-Bresson is considered to be the Father of street photography. Studying his work has taught me plenty, but overall I have learned to be patient. He would sit in one location for hours waiting for what he called The Decisive Moment. Learning to be patient is key for those who desire to specialize in street & documentary photography.

Please comment below & share your opinion. Blessings!


Catalog Session + Kush Groove Clothing Company

The Kush Groove team has counted on my brand more than once. We've had the privilege of working together a few times in the past year. We always try our best to bring a sense of realism to our creations. This time around, our focus was on their new Fall line. With the grand opening of their new Boston location around the corner, they needed some visuals to promote their new merchandize. So- we took it to the streets. Enjoy!


Q&A with Brujo Live

I first crossed paths with Brujo Live many years ago. He's always been a talented lyricist in the Boston area. His music is heard nationwide & in Latin countries throughout the world. We've been able to build a friendship throughout the last few years. Recently, after a photography session, I decided to ask him a few questions.

Q. Why is it important to inspire others to think?
A. The motive is to trigger inspiration. If you can inspire, you can motivate. Making people think is the key to countless possibilities. They say two heads are better than one, so imagine a world where we all don't think alike but we all think together! Sharing ideas can be very powerful and lead to endless inspiration. 

Q. What inspires you to create music?
A. Energy is what drives me- I feel alive when I sense it. Energy is everything to me. Bad energy can inspire me to write about depression or stressful moments. Good energy can become the reason I write a club song or about a woman I like.

Q. Think back to when you first started writing music- what is different about you today?
A. I was more concerned with putting music out, instead of taking the proper procedures to ensuring that everything was fully ready. Now.. I focus on quality and all the copyrights. I make sure the song is completely registered before enjoying the promotion process. Aside from all that, I matured and feel as if my lyrics did also. Not to say I still don't like competition.. (giggled)

Q. What should your listeners expect from you this upcoming Fall & Winter?
A. Expect the unexpected. I have many surprises for my followers and as most of them know, they are the key to any success I've ever had. I will say I have a lot more music and been focusing more on perfecting my lyrics. I only want to give my fans the best. They deserve it.


Amazing Art Carved on Real Human Skulls

I've attended & worked at about seven comic conventions thus far. Each one has been an experience of it's own. After the first few I've learned that you never know exactly what to expect at these events. But during my second time in Philadelphia, I came across Zane Wylie. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment.

Yes, you are looking at real Human skulls that have been carved into works of art. Zane is a respected Master Skull Carver. We shared an interesting conversation. I couldn't help but ask him 1,000 questions. In case you're wondering, this is a perfectly legal. He purchases the skulls from archeologists or businesses that sell to medical schools. His work was featured on the TV series Constantine.

He does have them for sale on his website. You also have the option of purchasing a replica, if owning a real Human skull bothers you a bit. Which is understandable. I find his work to be amazing & extremely creative. Talk about Think & Create.

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Original Woman: Out of Africa

We all come across many teachers as we walk further down the path of life. I enjoy calling them spiritual elders. Each one carries with them a bag of jewels (knowledge). One of my closest elders has referred to black females as Original Women for as long as I've known him. It's because of his belief that all humans come from Africa. This is known as the "Out of Africa" theory (OOA). The many interesting conversations we have shared inspired this particular project. Enjoy.

Model: Rayne O'Reilly