The One Thing Every Photographer Needs

October (2016)

October (2016)

If you want to become a photographer you're going to need the usual: a camera, editing software and other somewhat fancy equipment like off-camera flashes. I use to only think about the materialistic things. With time I learned one of the most important things I'll need is not tangible- PATIENCE.

Photography is one of those things you should try your hardest to never rush. The creative process has to flow smoothly. It should never be forced, especially when working with specific styles like documentary, candid/street or children portraits. Henri cartier-Bresson, the Godfather of street photography, use to sit at a location for hours at a time. Patiently waiting for what he would later introduce to the world as "The Decisive Moment". Studying his work and technique has helped me develop my craft tremendously.

I remember during my trip to the Dominican Republic I saw a group of kids playing outside. I sat on the sidewalk across from them and tried my best to document the moment without disturbing the natural flow of things. I had to exercise my patience. This meant me taking 1-2 pictures every few minutes. Throughout the years I've been able t almost master it. There worst feeling is coming home to review your shots and regretting not taking your time.

So next time you are going to photograph something or someone, don't forget to pack your patience before heading out the door. it'll come in handy.


Pedro "FLAKO" CruzComment