There's Always A Story To The Picture

Take a second to study the image below. Who do you see? What stands out to you? Do you have questions? It's important to learn to see beyond the picture. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, but I like to say that every picture comes with a thousand words. There's always a story behind every image.

I been working on the images for my upcoming exhibition in July. This past weekend I decided to print a few of the images from the collection. Luckily the weather was amazing that Sunday; you could feel the Summer sun peaking through the clouds. I decided to bring my camera with me since I would be walking around the Downtown area. 

David Jones (Downtown, Boston)

David Jones (Downtown, Boston)

Right before I reached City Hall I saw a man sitting down reading a book. I instantly knew I had something to capture. I felt it in my spirit! I humbly approached the gentleman and introduced myself as a local documentary photographer. He introduced himself as David Jones, from New York. He came to Boston 5 years ago in search of medical care. He's been sick for some time but couldn't figure out what it was exactly. He recently found out it's cancer. I shared my blessings but he assured me he was fine. "They removed it and I don't plan on it coming back", he said with a small grin on his face.

David Jones is the reason I love what I do. As I thought about my encounter with him that day, I started to think about how many people have walked past him. How would they ever known that he reads books because his Father didn't believe in TVs? At this point it's not even about taking a good picture anymore. It's about the people I meet and the stories they share with me. It's about those who have no voice or a stage. What started off as a hobby has grown into something much larger. This is why it is important to create (art) with a purpose. It's important to ask questions. It's important to care.