Thousands Gather at Boston Common to Fight Racism


"Shame! Shame!" 


I knew I was going to cover this event from the moment I came across it on social media. I felt a moral obligation, as a Latino photographer, to document the events that are taken place in my city. I knew it was going to be difficult for a few reasons. One being the need to remain neutral and remember that I am there to capture what is happening, not to choose sides. Yes, I have my opinions and beliefs, but the artistic goal is to capture a series of moment in time. I put together a photo-story for all those who couldn't make it.

Did you go? If so, please share in the 'comments' how your experience was. I would love to read all about it. It was an amazing experience witnessing thousands of people gathering to support a positive movement. I know today was a day I will be telling my grandchildren about.

(To view the full collection of images from today's rally CLICK HERE)