MiWay: From Boston to Miami

Lawrence, MA (2015)

Everyone has goals. We all have something great we wish to accomplish, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves for it. There's a lot that comes with chasing your dreams. There's the time away from family that you spend on the road. There's the late nights you stay up editing work. There's the special moments you miss out on. There's even the canceling of plans because a job just came up. There's not many people I can have a conversation with about this. There's only a few people that know exactly what this feels like. MiWay is one of those people. He is one of the few creators I respect with all my heart. His work ethic and drive is one of a kind. I've seen this man grow from a local club promoter, in Boston, to a creative force to be wrecking with, working out of Miami. His resume is beyond respectable. He's one of the only people that can land in town at anytime, call me last minute, and I'll always be there.